Out of Hours Emergency IT Support

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At Cyber Sharp I.T, we understand that it can be difficult for businesses operating around the clock or outside of the conventional 9-5 office hours to find reliable business IT support, that doesn’t cost the earth. That’s where we come in. We offer affordable out of hours emergency IT support services to businesses across the Midlands area and beyond.




Regardless of whether you run a new start-up, small, medium or larger business, we can tailor our support contracts to suit your individual circumstances. For more information about our outstanding value IT support contracts, give us a call today on 01384 686297.

Reliable IT systems are vital for any business, regardless of the hours they operate. That’s why our expert and knowledgeable team is available to offer appropriate IT support, whenever you need it. Whether you need remote support or an onsite engineer visit, we can be of assistance. No matter what time of day or night it is, our dedicated engineers will work hard to ensure that your systems up back up and running again in the shortest possible time. We understand the importance of minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity.

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We know that different businesses have different needs and that’s why we aim to make our IT support services as flexible as possible. If you choose, you can benefit from out of hours emergency IT support as part of a monthly support contract. A monthly support contract offers the benefit of unlimited access to our support services, for a fixed monthly fee. This could save your business a lot of money over the course of a month, particularly if you regularly operate outside of normal working hours. For more information about this, or any of our other IT support services, contact Cyber Sharp I.T today on 01384 686297.

Alternatively, you can use our out of hours emergency support service on a pay-as-you-go basis. This option is better suited for those that perhaps need IT support less often or don’t want the commitment of an ongoing contract. For those that don’t have a support contract, our out of hours service is charged at an hourly rate.
For more information about this, or any of our other IT support services, contact Cyber Sharp I.T today on 01384 686297.

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